Jaqueline Becker

Workshops & Seminars

Dr. Jaqueline Becker has 25 years of experience giving seminars on a variety of topics. She can adapt her seminars to fit your organization’s specific needs.

I have discovered, after much work with diverse types of organizations, as well as with diverse types of individuals, that people need the most support when they don’t realize it! That can be with negotiating contracts, personal agendas, as well as setting policies and procedures. The reason is, their real intentions on setting goals and objectives often remain unacknowledged.

Setting priorities, executing good time management, giving crispy presentations, making precise evaluations of processes and procedures, showing budget competency…all matter. And, they usually appear to be the focus of positive intentions for executing specific agendas. But the one thing that permeates the successful execution of any ability to achieve successful outcomes are the relationships necessary to bring them to fruition. The bottom line of any organization is enhanced when the wheels of production are greased with care for the development of its people and the nature of their relationships up, down, and sideways.

CWI, Inc. assists all levels of personnel on how to turn previously negative interactions into positive ones. Participants in this workshop/seminar will walk away with a renewed commitment to taking responsibility for the tone, as well as the content, of their interactions as they pertain to achieving stated goals and objectives. This is how we help develop leaders to develop real strength.

Available via Skype, Zoom, or WebEx


CHANGE: The Wonderful Condition of Possibilities

Mergers and Acquisitions, Re-Orgs, Start-Ups, New Management, New Strategies, New Staff


Good Stress—Bad Stress


Parents Are People, Too


How To Maintain Self-Control—When it’s a challenge

  • Help you identify specific communication challenges 
  • Help you develop specific approaches to meet your specific challenges
  • Help you turn negative attitudes into positive ones, yours and others
  • Help you develop new leadership abilities with new techniques for managing up, down and laterally
  • One-on-one or group intensive, Fine Tuning with Dr. Becker or associate.
  • Tailor most aspects of service to your organizations specific needs.

For many, interactions with employees, employers, managers, resource personnel, partners, etc. are not always as effective as we would wish. For communications to be successful we must be aware of, and in control of, our intentions behind the communications. In other words, just because you’re in the workplace, it doesn’t mean you lost your unconscious life and its impact on all your interactions.

Whether in Executive Coaching, Seminars/Workshops or dong Therapy, Dr. Becker and her associates teach how to gain control of the possible unintentional (unconscious) energy in your interactions and harness that energy to transform negative interactions and turn them into positive ones. Threaded through the teaching of self-mastery for interactive behaviors is Dr. Becker’s overarching attitude of respect for our shared human frailties. After all, that’s what we are, humans with fragilities.

For general information about Dr. Becker’s availability for Counseling or Presentations, please send email to Dr. Becker at drb@drjhbecker.com