Jaqueline Becker

More TIME INs, Not More TIME OUTs

More Time Ins, Not More Time Outs

This book makes the reader want to do just as its title suggests—Create more TIME INs than Time Outs. Here’s How:

  • Learn how to demonstrate the 4 C’s for Parenting: Stay Centered, Stay Calm, Stay Compassionate, and exhibit Calibrated Intentions.
  • Learn this new, easy Eight-Step Parenting Method that teaches parents how to not mistakenly bully their children
  • Learn how to take control of negative interactions with your children and turn them into positive ones
  • Learn the values and benefits of a “TIME IN”—What it is, When to use it, Where to use it, and How to use it
praise for jaqueline becker and more time ins, not more time outs
“More Time Ins, Not More Time Outs is one of the most insightful and transformative parenting guides I have read. It gently compels us to take ownership of the role we play in our children’s misbehavior and provides practical tools and easy-to-follow roadmaps for cultivating self-awareness and parenting in a more reflective and compassionate way; in a way that truly honors the boundless love we have for our children (even on their worst day). Best of all, this book teaches parents the importance of being as tender, forgiving and empathetic with themselves as they strive to be with their children. A truly invigorating read.”
Petal Modeste
Associate Dean of Student Affairs Administration at Columbia Law School & Mother to two amazing girls, ages 11 and 2!
“One light is very bright, especially when it’s dark. This work is one heck of a bright light. Dr. Becker has given us a beautifully written and most needed gift. Dr. Becker makes it possible for us to look at interchanges with our children and see how our actions can elicit the very behaviors that parents find most challenging in their children. She shines a forgiving light on our hidden feelings and histories so that, as parents, we can be more open to ourselves, better understand and gain control over personal threats to our vulnerabilities, improve our relationships with our children, and impact the behavior that prompted the seeking of help. Dr. Becker gives many wonderful examples so that knowing what to do and say becomes easier. She moves us from feeling hopeless to hopeful.”
Dr. Beatrice Harris
Founder, Harris, Rothenberg International, Inc. Director, Human Behavior Change, Associate Well-Being, Humana, Inc.
“More Time Ins, Not More Time Outs, is much more than a primer to understand the complex relationships between children and their parents. Having known Dr. Becker both professionally and personally for many years, I continue to be impressed by her non-judgmental work with families. The book is a must-read to understand how parents shape the behavior of their children. I celebrate her as an agent of everlasting hope and change.”
Maria Vandor Danziger
Former Associate Commissioner NYC Administration for Children’s Services
“As neither a parent nor an educator, I was not sure how much I’d benefit from reading More Time Ins, Not More Time Outs but I was mistaken. After reading, I became aware of the bullies that I know or have known (parents, bosses, and teachers) and can now better understand and reconcile their effect. As a board member of a not-for-profit agency that serves troubled youth, I can see the potential for a changing dialogue about responses to bullying and the long-term impact on behaviors. ”
Barbara K. Schoor
Board member and Officer, Collier Youth Services, a non-profit organization
“This book will enhance your parenting skills. Its strategies can help you go from being your child’s adversary to becoming her respected guide.”
Janet Roen
M.D., Clinical Professor Emerita of Ophthalmology, Icahn Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.
“You write with the same “voice” that you speak with: vernacular, funny, wry, serious, etc. It is an easy-entry read. I didn’t think I’d be as interested in the subject as I became as I got into it; it resonates with some of my own behavior patterns and those of some of my friends; children/parents are your subject, but the lessons are more universally valuable.”
Stephen Buchman
Ombuds/Attorney Advisor/Of Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP, Associate Director of Career Advising/Columbia Law School
“Thank you so much for presenting, More Time Ins, Not More Time Outs. It really opened my eyes to a better way of communicating with our children. I now realize that bullying is often a default reaction for frustrated parents. My own good intentions often fell short of my children’s emotional needs. I look forward to revisiting your approach when your book publishes. I believe it’s never too late to pass on a better understanding to my family and my friends.”
Paul Geiger
Author, Better Business Speech, Senior Associate Speech Coach @ New York Speech Coaching

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