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More Time Ins, Not More Time Outs, Parent Without Bullying, can also be found at: Breakwater Books in Guilford, CT, and Barnes & Noble Book Store in North Haven, CT.

Ken Szymanski interviews Dr. Jaqueline Hope Becker
Dianna Lee from ‘Conversations’ interviews Dr. Jaqueline H. Becker.
WOCA The Source Radio – Dr. Jaqueline H. Becker, PhD Interview

Book Talks Regarding Dr. Becker’s book, More Time Ins, Not More Time Outs,     

  • April 25th, 2019, 7:00–8:30 PM @ Breakwater Books
  • June 13th, 2019, 2:00–3:30 PM @ Barnes & Noble, North Haven
  • Interview with Petal Modeste,  Parenting for the Future
  • Various Radio Interviews

Presentation, “More Time Ins, Not more Time Outs,” Killer Keynote Conference

Presentation, “Learning To Love The Bully” National Education Association Conference, NYC

Presentation, “Learning to Love the Bully” for Psychological Services Institute, Fordham University

Presentation, “Communication With Intention,” for Community Investment Strategies, Inc.

Guest, “Focus on Women,” Radio Show

Guest, Cable Show, “Focus on Women”

Guest, Cable Show, “Alive and Wellness”

Guest, Radio Show (WVOX), “Women’s Lives”

Guest, Radio Show (WCTC), Radio New Jersey, “Spiritual Lives of Children”

Guest Speaker, New York Public Library Centennial Celebration, “Staying Alive and Other Poems, Author/PresenterJaqueline H. Becker, Ph.D 

Keynote Speaker, National Cancer Survivor Day, LICH, Othmer Cancer Center

Keynote Address, Breast Cancer Survivor Day Fashion Show, LICH

Guest Speaker, Border Books and Music, Staying Alive and Other Poems, Author/PresenterJaqueline H. Becker, Ph.D.   

Guest Speaker, Cancer Institute of Brooklyn – Workshop

Guest Speaker, Village Community School, “Emotional Life of a Teenager”

Quoted, “Parents Magazine”

Guest, Radio Show, WBAI, “Body, Mind, Sprit”

Guest, The Phil Donahue Show, “Runaways”

Panelist NYC, The Association for Poetry Therapy Conferences

Panelist, “Television for Teenagers,” Workshop for Warner Cable

Quoted, New York Times Article re: Children

Quoted, Parents Magazine

Guest Speaker, New York Society of Clinical Psychologists Student Association, The Presence of the Unconscious”

Moderator & Panelist, Adams School Professional Conference

Guest, Cable TV Panelist, Adams School Professional   Conference

Speaker Series of Four Lectures, Jewish Community Center, Staten Island, NY, “The Educator Who Cares”


Presently in production: Dying To Live: Love Stories—a memoir.

Author:  Fable, ListenThere Are More Than Seven Dwarfs

Author:  Poetry Book, Staying Alive, and Other Poems

Doctoral Dissertation, A Re-Evaluation of Jung’s Typology: Toward a New Developmental Theory

Author: Pudgy: An Essay on Violence in Schools

Co-author: Relationship Between Evaluation and Development in a Curriculum Center                        

Co-author: The Teacher Implementation Program: A Preliminary Work


“It’s Christmas”

“A Darling Ago”

“Slipping Into Heaven”

“Seeing You”

“Is This Love?”

a few quotes from dr. b

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”      —Anaïs Nin

“I’ve always loved this quote of Anaïs’s, yet for me, it’s not expansive enough. Some of us are as emotionally tight as a bud, yet others are as emotionally loose as water. The bud and the water require different paths toward personal freedoms.” —Dr. Becker

FromMore Time Ins, Not More Time Outs

“I know, without reservation, that most parents love their children very much, and only want to do “what is right for them.” They do not consciously intend to bully or otherwise damage their children. But sometimes they do. The good news is—we can educate parents!” —Dr. Becker

“We are all but human suffers, afflicted with our own unconscious agendas.” —Dr. Becker

“… the unconscious, to which you are inextricably and divinely tethered, is a source of unremitting guidance. It’s your prototypical parent.” —Dr. Becker

From: Dying To Live: Love Stories

For most of my patients, whether they come to me as children or adults, in any manifestation of gender, color, or religion, or if they arrive at my door as an individual, part of a couple, or as a member of the family—under all the manifestations of their symptomology and stripped away from diagnostic labels—what I find are souls screaming for love. In their souls, perhaps unlabeled and still unconscious, they know the difference between eyeball-to-eyeball, heart-to-heart real love and wrongly motivated, convoluted love, on which they are often choking to death.” —Dr. Becker

“This is an extraordinary moment: we are poised to change our legacies of disrespect and devaluation of others and flip the switch from a non-caring majority to a caring one that honors the sacredness of each individual. I can hear the naysayers now, “She’s so unrealistic. So much evil runs through this world, it’ll never change.” I say, “We are the world.” —Dr. Becker

“I know experientially, and therefore deeply, that tragedy can galvanize goodness. Sustaining it, well, that can take a bit of work.”—Dr. Becker

“Every time I feel terribly absent from my life, and think that all I was, am, or had is lost, I am driven inside myself. There, inside me, pushed into the turbulent seas of life way beyond matter, I find the most awesome, trustworthy resource, and I must keep trying to share its magnificent power with as many as I am able to. “ —Dr. Becker

For more information on Dr. Becker’s availability for School, Clinic, and Hospital Presentations on Bullying and Parenting, please contact Dr. Jaqueline H. Becker at drb@drjhbecker.com