Jaqueline Becker

Listen, There Are More Than Seven Dwarfs

Although I wrote this fable 10 years ago, the theme remains a truth that is just as important today as it was then (pub. 2012), and is… always. No matter your age or circumstance, it is your ability to accept your doubts and fears as NORMAL parts of living that will enrich your life. You will notice, that with the (sometimes not so easy) acceptance of your doubts and fears, you will have opened up a highway of possibilities that will dramatically enhance your life.

There are two ends of a denial spectrum that always make me sad for those I see frozen in their emotional armor. Whether they wear the brittleness of forced, unauthentic joy armor, or the soupiness of foggy gray energy armor, I wish I could (carefully) help them touch-open their pain boxes so that they might know the majesty of all that awaits the freedom they can create by unlocking even one drawer of their suffering.

Time and again, we are asked to take a new and scary step. Time and again, many of us fly away from the request. Time and again, we are invited again, until time and again we’ve missed the moment. For many of us, those moments are ours to determine. Even if you simply try to move what feels “stuck”, you will see your “stuck” energy move away from you. Indeed, worth the try.

The pain of struggling, the torment of suffering, ride them until you get to the prizes on the other side of the pain. You will be amazed.

praise for jaqueline becker and Listen, There Are More Than Seven Dwarfs
“Jaqueline H. Becker, Ph.D., a psychologist, displays her many years of profound understanding of peoples' struggles on this most wonderfully written fable, wise and deep in its beautifully told story. Its message applies to any reader taking on a new challenge in his/her life. We should all read the fable letting spirit of the story perform its magic."
Dr. Beatrice Harris
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Harris Rothenberg International, Inc.
“What a wonderful tale. Such an important subject told in a creative and thoughtful way. Fear can be so debilitating. I've encountered such struggle in my own life, as many of us do. This tale can relate to all. It, in a small way, reminds me of the style of the William Goldman's classic tale of "The Princess Bride," with its side notes and author interruptions as the tale is told. I secretly wished I could have illustrated your book."
Eimi Pinero
Illustrator/Art Design Consultant
“This is a magical book that children and adults will enjoy and take away so much more than just fun from the read."
Edwin Bobrow
Author and Professor
“This tale will raise your spirits and recall some truths."
Janet Roen
“I loved reading the fable so much so that I read it three times in one sitting! The characters and their journey are so comfortably familiar- they live inside me. Thank you for sharing their possibilities."
Maria Vandor Danzinger
Executive Director, Art School at Old Church, NJ

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