Jaqueline Becker

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we discuss in therapy?

You, and why you came.

How long will therapy take?

It will be different for each person or situation.

Will my insurance cover our sessions? How does that work?

You pay my fee. I’ll sign your forms and you will get back whatever your insurance carrier reimburses you for out of network services. Yes, I slide the fee for those in need.

How often will I pay?

Up to you. Pay as you go for each session, or I will bill you monthly. Accepted forms of payment are Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, or check. 

Does what we talk about in therapy remain confidential?

Absolutely yes.

How can I reach you?

Best way is to Email me.

When can we have sessions?

When we find a mutually agreed upon day and time.

For general information about Dr. Becker’s availability for Counseling or Presentations, please send email to Dr. Becker at drb@drjhbecker.com