Jaqueline Becker

Dying to Live: Love Stories

Speaking of,  “Dying To Live: Love Stories,” the following is an excerpt from the Preface of the book:

This entire book is a joyous love story. Love, as the real triumph of good, seems to have become lost as the underpinning of our individual and collective lives, and this loss is killing us. So I got to thinking, where did love—real, deep, rich, compassionate love—get lost for us? How has it gotten lost for me? What is it, anyway? How do we get it back? And how do we hold it steady as we make our daily choices for good or evil?

I have been searching and fighting for love my whole life; fighting not just for myself, but for others too. Love, the gift that keeps on giving, comes cloaked in good or evil costumes; I love sharing what I know about those lures. JHB

With you, I get to support your soul as it fights for its freedoms. Your flights of independence are joyous for me since I get to re-experience the awesome reality of Spirit as it manifests in everyday life.

You will learn :

  • how to feel Spirit
  • hear Spirit through your dreams
  • hear Spirit through your writing
  • to listen to Spirit Messages from…anywhere
  • go slow enough to hear, see, feel, smell…be touched by Spirit
  • the magic of music
  • to allow yourself to create
  • to consolidate your energy
  • to see the power and majesty of suffering
  • to differentiate angel from demon 
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