Jaqueline Becker

Dying To Live? Great! I know the forest, I have the tools for path making. 
Whatever your challenge, I’ll see you through it. 
I do not see troubles as sicknesses;  I see them as opportunities to become more. 
—Dr. J. H. Becker

Steer it, life’s happening anyway



Jaqueline H. Becker, Ph.D., MS, is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice, a corporate consultant, and was formally a special education teacher. As well, Dr. Becker has been an assistant director and clinician for a division of a private school that specialized in serving emotionally, socially, spiritually, and academically challenged students. As a guest on professional panels, TV, radio, and quoted in print, Dr. B. is widely cited as an expert on bullying, children, parenting, and interpersonal relationships. Her Keynote presentations and Workshops are both powerful and fun.

Intuitive Psychotherapy

Yes, dreams do come true; they tell you exactly what you need to know in order to feel better, navigate misfortunes, and help you find and hold steady your powerful center. Intuitive Therapy is a fabulous guide for assisting you in your explorations of self and coaxing joy into your living.

Therapeutic Spiritual Development

In our work together you get to learn the magic inherent in your connectedness with Spirit. With you, I get to support your soul as it fights for its freedoms. Your flights of independence are joyous for me since I get to re-experience the awesome reality of Spirit as it manifests in everyday life.

New York therapist
Talks, Seminars, and More

Break the cycle of bullying and become a twenty-first-century avatar of empathic, compassionate, and fearlessness as you guide your children’s lives.

Memoir Turns Demons Into Hope in Breathtaking Collection of “Love Stories”

The author is an enthusiastic and intelligent chronicler of her own story, exposing warts as generously as proclaiming victories. The writing comes from the pen of a person not afraid of self-reflection —  to the contrary, rather obsessed by it and celebrating it — in words that clearly show an appreciation for language and a confidence within it.

And through all the narrative, as painful as it can be (but what learning process isn’t?), she leaves us with joy, gratitude and hope.

-Book review by Jim Alkon, BookTrib.com

Dying to Live: Love Stories Reviews
More Time Ins, Not More Time Out Book

“I know, without reservation, that most parents love their children very much, and only want to do ‘what is right for them.’ They do not consciously intend to bully or otherwise damage their children. But sometimes they do. The good news is–we can change that!” –Dr. J. H. Becker

This book makes the reader do just as its title suggests–Create More Time Ins than Time OutsHere’s How:

  • Learn The Four C’s to: Stay Connected, Stay Calm, Stay Compassionate, and exhibit Calibrated intentions.
  • Learn this new, easy Eight-Step Parenting Method that teaches parents how to not mistakenly bully their children
  • Learn how to take control of negative interactions with your children and turn them into positive ones
  • Learn the value and benefits of a “TIME IN”–What it is, When to use it, Where to use it, and How to use it

Jaqueline H. Becker, Ph.D. leads you by the hand, heart and mind to help you differentiate between your conscious and unconscious intentions so that you can develop increased control of your actions and reactions with yourself, your children, and others.

For general information about Dr. Becker’s availability for Counseling or Presentations, please send email to Dr. Becker at drb@drjhbecker.com